Two weeks into our Alpine travels and we’d only spent money on one attraction – the boat ride in Konigssee. Everything else had been free to explore. Yup, free. Water must be our thing because our second attraction was renting a private, electric boat on Hallstattersee (Lake Hallstatt). The four of us took to the boat feeling very Gatsby – although it wasn’t lavish at all. But the feeling was quite real, putt-ing around on a European lake with our teal colored boat and teal + white striped awning, complete with wooden steering wheel and all.

Again, I couldn’t quite believe this was a real experience, relaxing on the water with this view. It was quiet. It was preserved. It was beautiful. And for my daughter, it was a great chance to flex her conductor muscles in our very own boat band. We were her drums, trumpets and tubas (with I’m sure some sick vocals echoing through the mountains). But my most lasting memory is watching her steer the boat, as she sat on my husband’s lap. There they were, the two of them, just having so much fun as I literally put my feet up to relax.

On a practical note, what helped me to relax a bit more was that we brought our daughter’s swimmies with us. I wasn’t sure if they’d be offered knowing a lot of those kinds of rules, regulations and waivers are all very American. They don’t exist here, which has been my experience in many other countries as well. I appreciate the freedom to be as prepared as we want – and was just glad I had them here for peace of mind. It worked. My feet were up!

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