Our Inspiration

We had a fairly basic playbook for where we based most of our stays during this trip. Mountains, small Bavarian village, forests. Mittenwald hit them all. So for the last leg of our travels, we headed across the south of Eastern Germany and settled into a cozy apartment on the outskirts of town.

Our Experience

We arrived at Mittenwald in a two day rain storm. I’m learning what makes the Alps so lush and green on sunny days, are the rainy days that come in at least pairs. No quick rainstorms. Plenty of ice cream + creative indoor games helped, but the rain still left us all a little stir crazy. That is somewhat of a challenge traveling with toddlers. There are usually a number of indoor options, but mostly fit for an age range just a tad bit older. We were determined to keep our spirits up – looking for any silver lining – like how stunning it was the morning we woke up with clouds both below and above us. Mountain weather truly is amazing.

It would be an understatement to say we were excited once the weather cleared. Insert me attempting to yodel. We hadn’t even seen the town yet really, and we’d already been there for 48 hours. We walked the Old City pedestrian walkways, past the endless frescos, found a playground, and let our daughter run and run and run. It was glorious. And off we set, playground hopping our way through Mittenwald.

The abundance of outdoor dining went perfectly along with our determination to stay outside for the rest of our time there. We enjoyed one last biergarten, authentic with children’s playground beside the adult tables. I love these restaurants. They are made for families with kids who just want to run. And this one was a melting pot of sorts with all different languages: German, English, Italian, French. The kids played together communicating in ways other than words with the greatest of ease. It’s a beautiful – and inspiring – thing to watch. And personally one of my greatest hopes that our daughter experiences, understands and connects with a world much larger than just our own backyard. So I secretly high-fived myself as I watched these moments come together.

For the rest of our stay, we explored the surrounding mountains and forests. And on our last day, discovered the hidden gardens: Kurpark. Complete with giant board games, ice cold water foot walks, open fields, large wooden lounge chairs, fountains and wood carvings. We spent the entire day there, and left wondering how we could create some of this once we were back home.

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