Day 39 of Our Outdoor Adventures

Well, in a single afternoon, our plans for the second half of our summer have changed. We went from packing the car for our New England camping trip to hopping – er, being put – in an ambulance for a trip to the ER. My husband fell off a ladder and broke his leg and thank goodness, it was not more serious.

And just like that our summer outdoors has moved indoors, and rightfully so. My daughter and I are so grateful he is okay and that we can help nurse him back to health – even if she occasionally and accidentally whacks him on his bum leg (she is her mother’s daughter). My husband on the other hand feels terrible, and not just with pain. He keeps thinking about our road trip and how his fall ruined it. I can’t point out enough that no one else feels sad – but he is disappointed enough for everyone. He knows how much thought was put into planning our summer trip and how excited everyone was for camping together as a family. And now – and this is a maybe-we’ll-laugh-about-this-in-the-future kind of thing – he even fears it’s become somewhat of a running series of unfortunate events that he somehow subconsciously sabotages all our travel plans. Last year, he lost his wallet the night before our trip to Germany which was nightmareish in it’s own right and now with his leg, we’ve scrapped the second half of our summer plans to head back home. Funny enough, he comes out of this even more determined to travel as a family. So, where should we go next??

While we figure out the logistics of how we get him healthy again, and at the same time try to move all of our things into our new home a month early, we had to tell our daughter that the camping trip was postponed. Turns out, she was easy and rolled with it, no problem. Still, the next night I set up the tent with her in our side yard and we slept out under the “super moon”. The moon really was amazing. Both of us were so happy to read books by lantern (and moon) light. She turned to me in her cozy, little sleeping bag and asked if we could do this every night. Sweetness. Not so sweet when water spilled on our shared sleeping bag at 4 am, but that is life these days. Unbearable sweetness, combined with crazy experiences, like waking up with cold water over us and carrying my half asleep daughter across a beautiful moonlit lawn at 4 am, past my husband with his leg elevated in a cast into our friend’s guest room where we’ll stay until we figure out how to move back home. You know what I mean, right?