It’s near impossible to anticipate all that a year will hold. Where will we go? What adventures are in store? Who will we meet? How will we grow? I can make plans, but by and large, I can’t answer these exciting questions just yet. I simply don’t know what 2015 will bring until we’ve lived it. And let’s be honest, that’s how we like it. We love life’s surprises.

I’ve talked about our hopes for the year ahead here – the bigger takeaways – but let’s talk some of the fun plans too, and figure out what roadschooling is all about in the process. Here’s what we’ve slated for 2015, and by way of that, what you can expect to find more of on the blog this year:

Road Trips Throughout the US

We cannot wait to hit the open road this year. We have several opportunities for extended traveling, and with destinations already in mind, are planning to take full advantage of them.

I’ve really been wanting to immerse ourselves in artsy, outdoorsy, eco-friendly, indie-leaning towns for sometime now. Especially those with scenic backdrops. On paper, we’ve found no shortage in North America. It’s taken some research to find places with more indie shops than chain stores, but once I stumbled on the right keywords, I was pleasantly surprised at what I found. So off we’ll head to visit some of these areas in person.

Great Smoky Mountains Route: Asheville, NC – Chattanooga, TN – Nashville, TN

Pacific Northwest Route: Port Townsend, WA – Portland, OR – Bend, OR

West Coast Route: San Fransisco, CA – Sebastopol, CA – Ojai, CA – Encinitas, CA

Rocky Mountain Route: Boulder, CO – Jackson Hole, WY

Part of me can’t help but laugh. Who would have thought I’d be road tripping this much with a four year old? Not even me a couple years ago. Travel around the world seemed like an easier adventure. But as we’ve traveled and lived our lives, she’s come to put in a lot of road miles already. Through this, we’ve found ways that have made traveling more than a breeze, it’s an enjoyable part of our family adventures. (Hint: we love audio-books and journals.) I’ll be talking more about these tips and the logistics of planning, as we go forward and test them out cross-country.

I’ll also start talking more about an offshoot of worldschooling called roadschooling. As you might expect, roadschooling is worldschooling on the road. Maybe your family is in a car or an RV or in a tent or on bikes, but the gist is that you’re taking all the great things about worldschooling and doing it on the open road. There are a number of inspiring families who have blogged about their roadschooling adventures already. I’m excited to share some of their stories as well as ours as we go back and forth between being based at home and being out on the road.

Adventurous Time Outdoors

Whether we’re home or on the road, we spend time in nature just about everyday. It is such an important part of our rhythm, as much as reading or eating or playing or sleeping. Of course, we’ll continue our nature play (and natural education) in 2015, wherever we are, but there are some more adventurous elements we’ll start incorporating as well. Many of these which we already do, will feel more adventurous, simply with the backdrop of wherever we are traveling. But for the rest, we’re excited to give them a try – or pick them back up.

  • Skiing
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Tide-Pooling
  • Surfing

Our daughter’s interests run the gamut, but one in particular, has been around marine biology. Together, we’ve read books on the subject, play acted being on a rescue team, and she’s imagined ways humans can curb pollution or create more efficient fishing methods to save marine life. It’s really fascinated her. With that, we’ll be focusing many of our outdoor adventures on how we can deepen those interests and diversify her encounters, even at a young age. At the same time, we’ll explore ways you can tie your own children’s interests into your family adventures.

International Horizons

Most of our travels and adventures will be domestic this year. But we are very keen about having international destinations on our horizons. And our daughter keeps this list growing. So far she’s requested Mexico, not Mars (direct quote, whew, that would have been hard), Pompeii, Patagonia, Antarctica and China. Let’s call this her 10 year plan.

We hope around the holidays, to be able to head out and visit a place we may wish to return to for a longer stay. So far our eyes turn to Central and South America: Mexico or Costa Rica, Ecuador or Argentina. There is so much diversity – of people and customs, or geography and adventure – that we feel we can’t go wrong. Plus, then we get close(r) to some of the areas on our daughter’s wish list. We’re still largely in the research phase, so more on this, as our plans come together.

So there you have it. 2015 has a lot of really exciting prospects. We can’t wait to experience whatever unfolds and share our stories with you – not just about what we’re up to, and why we make these kinds of adventures such a priority in our lives, but how we make it possible and how you can too. If anyone has any experience or recommendations in the places we’ll be visiting or what we’ll be doing, please let us know. We’d love to hear them!

Now, where does 2015 bring you? What adventures do you hope to do there?

Here’s to an exciting year ahead. Cheers!

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