Our little family of three left the suburbs of New Jersey to travel 100 days around the United States. By the time we made it to the Olympic Peninsula, we were in awe of all we’d seen, quite tired and ready to rest and officially across the country. We’d left the Atlantic Ocean and were now stepping foot in the Pacific. We’d made it! Cue collapse into a heap of exhausted joy.

Coming from the east, it is hard to grasp just how big states and areas are out west – that a drive from one part of Olympic National Park is hours from other parts meant more than a little readjusting of expectations. But mostly, it meant there was more beauty to enjoy wherever we found ourselves. It also meant – happily – that we would have no choice but to really slow down and settle into our base. While exploring Port Townsend, Ruby Beach and Cape Flattery, we spent most of our time in and around Neah Bay. Our tent was pitched on a spot of sand in a tree grove alongside VW buses and surfing families. That was where we called Washington home for much longer than planned. It was hard to leave when we could be barefoot on our private beach cove day in and day out. Here’s a little bit more on why we loved it so: 


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